Sweet Sweet DNA

VCs students model DNA using two kinds of licorice and marshmallows.

The N3rd Club

Redhawk girls win at provincial championships

Some of our hockey players were part of Smiths Falls teams that participated in the provincial championships finishing 1st 4th and 5th.

Character is built in to our sports philosophy

There are stories of character behind what you see on the surface.

Respect for our school

This was the cafeteria right after lunch.

The Juno Beach Project

Students in Mr. Seward's class are using original historical artifacts to document the 281 Canadian soldiers who died on June 6 1944. They are connected to Mr. Black's progamming class who are creating an interface to the data which can be used on smart phones and tablets.

Mrs. Currie: the moment she told me about winning a teaching award from Queen's U.

Caitlyn Mills "Pay it Forward for the Homeless"

Caitlyn Mills, a grade 11 student, single-handedly organized a collections of items and held a bake sale which raised $300 for the homeless in our communities.